February 7th, 2011


Appeal To International Community

Originally posted by zhsich at Appeal To International Community

We are drawing your attention to the situation in Ukraine, and hope for your support.

Ukraine is facing systemic infringement of political and civil rights, and freedoms of people by its Ministry of Internal Affairs. The matter concerns either an absurd prosecution of members of the "entrepreneurial Maidan" for alleged damage of tiles in Independence Square during the protest rallies; or fictitious grounds to seize computers and other media from writers and journalists; or an absolutely fabricated criminal case of terrorism (damage to the bust monument to Stalin in Zaporizhia).

Especially, we want to attract attention of the world community to prosecution of members of the Tryzub All-Ukrainian Association named after Stepan Bandera. This is a patriotic organization that claimed responsibility for the damage of the bust monument to Stalin in Zaporizhia. The monument was erected by communists in the private territory despite of social protests. Tryzub members partially beheaded it.

The police charged them with committing a crime under Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Hooliganism) and arrested a number of Tryzub members in different cities of Ukraine. 15 activists of the organization were dispatched to Zaporizhia in custody. These are Andrii Stempitskyi, Stepan Bychek, Anatoly Onufriichuk, Vasyl Abramiv, Pylyp Taran, Vasyl Labaichuk, Ihor Zahrebelnyi, Oleksii Zanuda, Vitalii Vyshniuk, Yurii Hudymenko, Roman Khmara, Yurii Ponomarenko, Viktor Davydenko, Eduard Andriuschenko, and Artem Tsyhanok.

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